Juliet Giglio Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting, Heads California Office

Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Juliet Giglio, M.F.A. has become a Senior Associate with the firm and will head up the Los Angeles office. Juliet is an Ivy League graduate who knows how to turn an academic experience into a performing arts career.  A professional screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild […]

Recommended Educational Consultant in Denver, Colorado

Who doesn’t love a compliment?  Yesterday afternoon I received a nice note from the mother of one of my clients who was accepted early to Dartmouth.  He’s smart, talented, and fun to hang around.  I enjoyed working with him on his essays.  Apparently, he felt good about the experience, too. Here’s what his mom had […]

Ivy League Education Leaves Man Homeless

Sometimes people think that an Ivy League education will guarantee success in life. Well, it all depends on your vision of success. Ted Pascoe and I attended Dartmouth around the same time. Now he’s homeless. By choice. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. The non-profit program Ted runs for homeless seniors in Denver […]

Is An Expensive Private College Education Worth the Money? There's No Telling!

An opinion piece by John F. Wasik published yesterday at Bloomberg.com argues that the high tuition cost of Harvard and other high-priced colleges isn’t worth the money.  Clearly, an elite, private education is a lot of money.  But the argument that it’s a waste of money is impossible to refute.  It’s equally futile to argue […]

Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?

Is an Ivy League education worth it? Statistically, it might be–depending on what statistics we’re talking about, and how those numbers are used. A study by PayScale, described on the New York Times Economix Blog, indicates that graduates of some elite colleges make more than peers from other colleges. I spend a lot of time […]

Holding College Chiefs to Their Words

The Wall Street Journal came up with a neat trick: asking college presidents to write essays from the application to their own college. Tough assignment!. The results were reported the other day in an article entitled, “Holding College Chiefs to Their Words”. It’s a good read, and a helpful tonic to high school juniors who […]