Advantages to Disclosing a Learning Disability

Once a student is admitted to a college or university, there are definite advantages to disclosing a learning disability. Disclosure provides your student with legal protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Without discloser, he is unprotected, despite that fact that he has a diagnosed disability. Students who are coming from a supportive high school environment […]

Why College-Bound Students Choose Not to Disclose Learning Disabilities

Yesterday, I provided some information that can help you sort out if self-disclosure is necessary. Today, I’ll review some  reasons why some students opt not to disclose their learning disabilities on the initial application. Generally speaking, students who choose not diclose the presence of a learning difference is because they do not want to give a college any reason […]

Should Students With Learning Differences Disclose Information on Their Applications?

Should students disclose a learning difference on their applications?