Mark Your Calendar For Fall 2012 College Fairs in Colorado

There are a lot of college fairs coming up this fall in Colorado. Make sure you don’ t miss the opportunity to talk to college representatives from the schools you are interested in and mark your calendar!

Admissions Practices Chair For Rocky Mountain Region

I am looking forward to serving the Rocky Mountain Region as the new Admissions Practices Chair! What does an Admissions Practices Chair do? Read more to find out.

A Lesson In Demonstrated Interest

How can you demonstrate interest effectively? Here are some tips straight from college admissions representatives.

Reasons To Live With A Roommate You Don’t Know

Consider some reasons for why to live with a roommate you don’t know your freshman year.

University of Nevada, Reno – Hidden Surprises Around Every Corner

During a recent visit to Reno, Nevada for the “SuperACAC” Conference I had the opportunity to join other college counselors on a tour of University of Nevada, Reno.

What Kind of Student is Right for Johnson and Wales University?

During a recent visit to Johnson and Wales University I asked a couple staff members about what kind of student is the right fit for your school?

Advice for Juniors – Check Out What Local Colleges Offer This Summer

Juniors, have you started planning your summer break? If not, consider spending some time on a college campus. Read more to learn about some of the advantages of participating in one of these programs.

Check Out Bulletin Boards On Your Next Campus Visit

The bulletin boards you find at a college give great insight into what is happening on campus. Make sure you stop to take a look during your next college visit.