Keeping Perspective on Selective College Admissions

Theresa, a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in ages, called me the other day.  We talked for a long time.  Her son is a sophomore in high school.  As his doting mother, Theresa is in a lather about his prospects for college admission. As we hadn’t spoken in quite a while, Theresa asked me […]

Families Appeal to Colleges for Extra Aid –

I received a call from a client this morning who gave me the good news that her son was accepted to his top choice university with a $15,000 merit tuition scholarship. He’s still waiting to see if he gets better offers, but his parents are feeling pretty good about things so far. Others aren’t feeling […]

Carnival of College Admission–Turkey Edition

Welcome to the 5th Edition of the Carnival of College Admission. As promised, and in commemoration of the America’s Holiday, we offer the “Turkey Edition.” Today you’ll learn all sorts of fun facts about turkeys that you can share with your friends around the dinner table tomorrow. So not only will you have the opportunity […]

Scholarships May (or May Not) Decline as Colorado Colleges and Universities Feel Financial Pain

The Denver Post reports today that endowments at Colorado colleges and universities have shrunk significantly, which may mean fewer scholarship dollars for students. Endowments pay for important aspects of college, from prestigious professor positions to millions in private scholarships and science labs. However, there are two things worried parents should recognize before hitting the panic […]