Elite Colleges Take More Students from Waiting Lists

This was a brutal year for admissions to top colleges. The applicant pool was larger than ever before. Harvard and Princeton did away with their early decision programs. Many elite colleges, including the Ivies, Lafayette, Bowdoin, and Stanford, announced generous new financial aid policies. And many colleges increased the size of their waiting lists, in […]

Numbers of College Applications WAY Up This Year

The New York Times reported in an article yesterday that the numbers of applications to Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, and many other colleges are way up this year. Part of this increase is due to demographics, part of it is due to the ease of electronic submissions, and part of it is due to the […]

Yale Follows Harvard in Beefing Up Financial Aid

An article in today’s New York Times reports that Yale University has followed the lead of Harvard in pumping $24 million into its financial aid budget. This will help reduce the squeeze on middle income families with incomes of less than $200,000. Financial aid packages for a large portion of current and future students will […]

Why Go to Dartmouth? One Man's Response

As I explained in a previous post, I recently asked a group of friends about their experiences in selecting a college or university. These words of wisdom come from a gentleman who attended Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, and who later went on to medical school. He is now a well-known plastic surgeon, and […]

Harvard– One Man's Explanation of Why He Attended

As I explained in a previous post, I recently asked a variety of friends and acquaintances how they selected the college they attended. This respondent attended Harvard as an undergraduate in the mid-1980s. He is now a lawyer living in Michigan. His story is interesting because it demonstrates that serendipity can have an important role […]

Ethics in Admissions: Using LinkedIn to Make Connections to Get Junior into College

A colleague recently asked a question about using LinkedIn as a way to make connections that will somehow raise kids’ changes of getting into college. I found the question thought provoking, so I took the time to craft a response. Here’s the original question: Is it both poor judgment and unethical to request inside connections […]

Harvard Announces Tuition Break for Middle Class

Harvard University announced today that it is restructuring its financial aid packages to provide more assistance to middle class families. With the price of tuition at elite private colleges continuing to skyrocket, more and more middle income families are feeling the pain of hefty price tags. A college education today can cost more than many […]

Forget the Ivy League: Most Silicon Valley CEOs went Public

An article in today’s San Jose Mercury News (registration required) reports on a survey of CEOs in high tech industries in Silicon Valley. Two-hirds went to state colleges and regional schools, not the nation’s most elite schools. Here’s a snippet from the article: Two-thirds of the CEOs of the valley’s 150 largest public companies who […]

Pomona: A "College of the New England Type" in Sunny California

Pomona College was the first of the Claremont College (see my post about the consortium here). It was established as a “college of the New England type,” and both physically and philosophically, Pomona is true to the New England model. Pomona is a traditional liberal arts college, offering a wide range of majors in the […]