All Colleges Are Feeling Financial Squeeze…Even the Richest

According to an article in today’s New York Times, Harvard announced that its endowment has lost 22%, and may lose up to 30% by the end of its fical year in June.  Harvard depends on its endowment income for 35% of its operating budget.  So it is undeniable that the financial squeeze will affect every […]

Financial Aid, Admissions, and "Need Blind" Policies

Clients have asked me repeatedly to explain the relationship between the financial aid and admissions offices, and to help them to understand how financial need is factored into admissions decisions.  Usually these questions revolve around whether a college is “need blind” or “need aware.”  So in this post, I’ll try to shed some light on […]

Economic Considerations Remove Blindfold from Need Blind Admissions

A few days ago I wrote a post providing some of my predictions about how the credit crunch will affect college admissions.  The New York Times ran a story yesterday about how both rich and poor colleges are reacting to the economic downturn. There are two points from this article I want to emphasize. First, […]

Scholarships May (or May Not) Decline as Colorado Colleges and Universities Feel Financial Pain

The Denver Post reports today that endowments at Colorado colleges and universities have shrunk significantly, which may mean fewer scholarship dollars for students. Endowments pay for important aspects of college, from prestigious professor positions to millions in private scholarships and science labs. However, there are two things worried parents should recognize before hitting the panic […]