Educational Consultant on Georgia Tech: a Haven for the Sciences

Mark reviews Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, sporting world-class recreational facilities and a plethora of science schools.

College Admissions Counselor on Keeping Your Options Open

Mark advises that students keep their options open upon entering college.

Advice on Choosing an Engineering Major from a College Admissions Expert

Mark gives prospective engineering majors some advice on choosing the right college.

University of Colorado Boulder’s Engineering Honors Program: Learning Beyond the Classroom

The University of Colorado Boulder has an honors program for students studying engineering. Watch this video to learn more about what the program offers and how to apply.

Looking To Study Engineering in College? Check Out What Colorado Has to Offer You!

Interested in studying engineering in college? The state of Colorado offers some great choices for you. Listen to Nate Wright, Director of Marketing and Recruiting for the School of Engineering and Computer Science, from the University of Denver as he talks about your different options.

What College Majors Offer the Best Job Opportunities?

Choosing a major can be tricky. Would it help if you knew what majors lead to the best job opportunities?

Excellent Science and a Whole Lot More at Case Western Reserve University

For those seeking a medium sized college campus in an urban environment may find that Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, is a great option. Known for its programs in the sciences and engineering, Case has a beautiful urban campus–even though it is bisected by a very busy thoroughfare.

Case also is contiguous with some of the greatest artistic and cultural facilities in the world, including the Cleveland Institute of Music (where you can do a joint degree at Case), Severance Hall (home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra), and the Institute of Art.

So if you are interested in high culture and want an urban environment, Case is hard to beat. CWRU is also trying hard to lure liberal arts students to the campus to round out its student body.

Lafayette College – Offering Engineering with a Liberal Arts and International Twist

Lafayette College provides a perfect partnership of engineering and liberal arts

Want a PhD in Science or Engineering? Go to a Liberal Arts College!

The assumption that in order to prepare for a doctorate in science one must pursue an undergraduate degree from a major research university is false.

Great Information on Careers in Engineering

I recently came across this gold mine of information on careers in engineering. It has lots of cool stuff, including job listings, engineering news, and career advice. Check out | The Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant