What Courses Should a High School Senior Take?

When making up their class schedule for senior year, juniors are often tempted to decrease their load. Not a good idea.

It’s Not Too Late to Apply for Fall 2012 Admission at Some Great Schools!

Think that you’re too late to get admitted to college for the fall of 2012? Think again! Hundreds of excellent schools are still accepting applications from prospective students because they still have space available. Read on to find out who’s on that list.

Signing Up and Preparing for Your Orientation Program

Now that you know what college you are attending, here are some tips for signing up and preparing for Orientation.

THE SAT: Not only for Juniors and Seniors

It’s not too early to start taking the SAT SUBJECT Tests in 9th grade…

Reasons to Avoid Senioritis

Seniors, high school graduation is only weeks away and summer is almost here. With only a few weeks left here are a few reasons to avoid Senioritis!

There are no SAT Tests in the Summer!

Summer seems like a good time to take an SAT test. Think again….

What Looks Good on a College Application?

What really looks good on a college application? Fancy summer programs? You’d be surprised…

Seniors, Are You Ready For May 1st?

May 1 is coming up quickly. How are you making your final decision this week?

Looking for a College Focused on Sustainability?

Don’t forget to think about the values that are important to you as you search for colleges. Are you passionate about being green and sustainability efforts? Colleges are making big strides these days so take notice!

Tips for Filling Out Your Housing Application

During a recent visit to the University of Northern Colorado I asked a friend who works in their residence life office for tips to give to incoming first year students when filling out their housing application. Hear what she has to say!