Thinking About Taking a Gap Year? Check out a Local Gap Year Fair To Learn More!

Have you considered taking a gap year between high school and college? There are some wonderful gap year programs to check out and you can learn more by attending a USA Gap Year Fair in your city.

Don’t Plagiarize Your College Essays-‘Turnitin For Admissions’ Is Watching

As college admissions offices turn to “Turnitin,” an anti-plagiarism service, make sure that you are writing your own college essay and not borrowing anyone else’s words.

Large vs. Small Colleges–Which Size Is Best For Me?

Which is better for you, large or small? To answer this question, think of going to a sumptuous buffet. How much can you eat? What delectable food will you start with?

Affordable, Expert College Advice You Can Trust

All college-bound students want and deserve expert college advice. Now quality college

Chinese Students and Beloit College–The Case for A Liberal Arts Education

In researching notable Chinese people who have attended liberal arts colleges in the United States, I came across this honors term project written in 1993 by a student at Beloit College, entitled (appropriately enough Chinese Students and Beloit College. Written by Xinwei Cai, this article is thorough study of Beloit’s history of interaction with China, […]

On the Waiting List? Fuggedaboudit. Your Chances Are Slim.

Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times has an article yesterday in which he analyzes the phenomenon of the waiting list. Due to high volumes of applications and admissions offices’ uncertainty about how the economy might affect their yield rate, colleges have placed more students in limbo than ever before. Many college counselors will give […]

Parent Thanks Counselor for Help With College Transfer

I used to think that the few parents who were hiring admissions consultants were the ultimate in helicopter parents. Working with you really changed my opinion about the value of good counseling and good advice. I realize now how flat-out difficult the process really is.

GAP Year Abroad–A Great Way to Prepare for College and Learn About the World

I recently attended a GAP year fair to learn more about the growing number of excellent programs for students who want to take a year out between high school and college to pursue something different. Some students engage in community service, some travel the world, and some opt for another sort of educational experience. At […]

Study in the USA from Guangzhou, China

During a recent trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, I met with hundreds of students and their parents to explain the American higher education system.  I participated in college fairs, presented at education expos, and gave lectures. As this short video explains, there is a dearth of good information about how to study in […]