More Advice to Entering Freshmen

Earlier this month the NY Times published short articles of advice to college freshmen written by professors.  I was not surprised how many of them emphasized the importance of learning how to write well and the importance of reading, everything from the classics to an everyday newspaper.  However, my favorite article was “Don’t Alienate Your […]

Budget Woes and Blows to the University of California System

The University of California system is taking a beating due to the sagging economy and the state’s budgetary woes (the state really needs a new constitution or a major overhaul of the map of its legislative districts–which is a textbook case of the evils of gerrymandering). Most commentaries have focused on the access to the […]

Adjunct Faculty and Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Universities Don't Know

I recently wrote a post blasting the idea of student-to-faculty ratios as a bogus measure of educational quality.  It turns out that  universities themselves don’t have a solid measure of what the ratios really are, or even keep track of the percentage of students taught by tenure-track professors–as opposed to adjunct, part-timers, or graduate students. […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratios: A Bogus Statistic You Should Ignore

Student-to-faculty ratios mislead. While they are oft-cited indicators of teaching quality, these ratios have no bearing on an individual student’s educational experience.

Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Do These Statistics Mean?

The other day I received this question from a client: Hi, Mark. I’ve been reading college profiles, and nearly all of them cite student-to-faculty ratios, all of which fall in to a relatively narrow range of perhaps 12:1 to 20:1. How important is this statistic in choosing a college? My short answer: not very. The […]