Forbes, Payscale, and Calculating the Value of a College Major

Mark’s looks at a recent article critiquing Payscale’s data on “return on investment” for America’s colleges and universities.

Falling Stock Markets and College Budgets: Mergers & Bankruptcies on the Horizon?

Forbes posted an article on October 22, foretelling hard times in the country’s higher education industry.  With falling stockmarkets, declining endowments, and some colleges having loaded up with debt in the past decade or so, the article predicts that some colleges may be swallowed up by financially stronger competitors, or will at the very least […]

Duke University Administrator Blasts the Rankings Game

Today’s issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education features a commentary by John F. Burness, a former administrator at Duke, Cornell, and the University of Illinois. Burness critiques the rankings created by US News & World Report–and by newcomer, Forbes. While the rankings titillate and sell oodles of magazines, they do little to shed light […]

Eight Tips For Handling Rejection in College Admission recently did a series of articles on the aftermath of the college admissions season, and looked at how kids are handling rejection. I was featured as one of their experts in providing tips on how to handle rejection. Check it out; scroll through the slides. This little slide show was an accompaniment to a […]