Brave Woman Calls Out Sorority Silliness #sororityrevamp

Alex Purdy created a short video to explain why she left her sorority.  It is a powerful critique of what is wrong on college campuses today.  It adds to the debate about sex on campus (consensual and otherwise) and calls upon women leaders to focus on what is really important in female empowerment. Creating a […]

Average SAT Goes Up! and Down!

It’s always fun when two different–and reputable–publications report the same story and lead them with different headlines. The facts: the College Board reported that the average score on the SAT tests last year went down slightly. The averages were 501 for critical reading, 515 for mathematics and 493 for writing. Inside Higher Ed led this […]

Colleges Like Boys Better Than Girls

Sixty percent of college students in America are women; men go to college in fewer numbers.  Some campuses are content to reflect this gender gap, but many are not.  Most strive for a balance of men and women on their campuses. The result:  boys are favored in the admissions process, sometimes with a 10-20% better […]