How Do I Calculate My Real GPA?

Your GPA is the most important aspect of your college application. Do you know how to calculate it the way that college admissions officers do? Is your GPA inflated and full of fluff? Or does it reflect academic rigor? Learn the facts.

Class Rank, Weighted and Unweighted GPA, and the "Education Race"

[ad id=12335] It’s time to declare a moratorium on class ranking. One of my most popular post is on the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA, and the phenomenon of class rank.  I get scads of comment on that post, and on other similar ones. Today I received one from a distraught parents whose daughter […]

GPA Explained–With Some Simple Advice

One of my most popular posts is dedicated to explaining the difference between an unweighted and weighted GPA.  It generated a lot of discussion (and continues to do so). I thought I would take the opportunity to provide more clarity about how a GPA is used in the college admissions process. But an initial word […]

How to Calculate Your GPA–Letter Grades and Percentages

What does your GPA mean? What is your real GPA? What is your core GPA? How will your GPA be used in the college admissions process. This article helps you understand how your GPA may translate into percentages.