Roadmap to College Admission–Burlington High School

Mark will present a talk on college admission, scholarships, financial aid, and college applications to students and families of Burlington High school in the Boston area.

Land-Grant Universities Consider Restructuring to Cope Budget Crisis

Public universities, including the land grant universities, are being hard hit by the economic downturn. An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today (registration required) reports on a survey of the members of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. Sixty of the 87 responding institutions say that they have experienced cuts to their […]

Did You Know? Deciding on a College Major in 21st Century

A recent guest post by Alex Berger got some people talking about the importance of choosing a college major.  Alex  argued that what matters is training your brain and developing a passion. This video, which first hit YouTube a few years back after a classroom teacher in Colorado gathered some provocative statistics to show at […]

Choose A Major Based on Career Interests? Pros and Cons

About a week ago, I was driving to pick up my kids from school when I heard a piece on National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” about choosing a college major in tough economic times.  The piece was headlined by a professor of labor statistics, whose basic argument is that students need to consider […]

Adjunct Faculty and Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Universities Don't Know

I recently wrote a post blasting the idea of student-to-faculty ratios as a bogus measure of educational quality.  It turns out that  universities themselves don’t have a solid measure of what the ratios really are, or even keep track of the percentage of students taught by tenure-track professors–as opposed to adjunct, part-timers, or graduate students. […]