How To Write A College Essay

The presentation of this video is meant to make you giggle. But the advice it contains is pretty darned good. If you need help with your college essay, you might want to work with a professional…to help you avoid becoming a “forest-enabling loser.”   Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant and College Essay Editor

How Not To Write A College Essay

Well, here’s more from the humor department.  With all of my students making the jarring transition from finishing up final exams to writing their college essays over the summer, it might be helpful to view this.  Levity is necessary!   Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant and Essay Editor

‘The Most Selective Admission Process in the University’s History’ – Head Count – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Yesterday was the deadline for colleges and universities to deliver their acceptances and rejections to applicants across the land. Eric Hoover at the Chronicle of Higher Education posted a humorous look at the jubilant mood at the colleges and universities that become more and more selective every year. Have a look at his post, ‘The […]