Students Are Leaving the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Why?

An article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education (registration required) highlights the ways in which the state of Illinois has been bleeding students for years.  There are lots of reasons why students in Illinois are avoiding state universities, despite moves to freeze tuition increases for the past three years. There are attractive alternatives in other, […]

Universities Divided Into Colleges–Northwestern University in Illinois

During a recent visit to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, Mark took a few moments to explain that many universities in the United States are divided administratively into separate colleges that focus on a particular academic area.

Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois – A Pleasant Surprise

Visiting college campuses can surprise you. Augustana College in Illinois surprised Mark…in a good way!

Campus Safety and The Blue Light Special

Concerned about campus safety? You should be. But don’t think the “blue lights” are so special. They’re not.

Knox College – A Hotbed of Progressive Thinking

On a visit to Knox College, Mark took a moment to talk about how you might find plenty of  unconventional and progressive thinking happening in places you might not expect. Check this video out to learn more about this college with a beautiful campus. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant   If you prefer, you may read the […]