College Consulting and Higher Education Management

One hidden, but very important part of my job is to keep up with trends in how colleges are managed. This arcane stuff may seem irrelevant for a college counselor, but it helps me understand the larger context in which college admissions offices make their decisions. An article today from Inside Higher Ed reports on […]

Bennington College–An Independent, Individually Planned Curriculum

I spent some time on the campus of Bennington College in Vermont, where the curriculum is very different from most other colleges.  Bennington requires students to create educational “plans” that map out their entire academic experience.  Faculty members review these plans very thoroughly, and apparently about 70 or 75 percent of plans are rejected in […]

Marlboro: Quirky, Offbeat, Intellectually Serious Community

I recently visited Marlboro College in southern Vermont.  Many colleges claim to be unique.  Marlboro merits the label. With only 320 students, Marlboro attracts students who want to take charge of their own intellectual development, who want to live in a quiet, rustic environment, and who are serious about getting involved in a tight-knit community. […]