College Admissions Interview–Tips for Success

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Make a Good Impression In Your College Admissions Interview

As part of a continuing series on nailing the college admissions interview, Mark offers some tips on how to make a good impression.

Your Objectives for the College Admissions Interview

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Are You Working on a Boettcher Scholarship Application?

The Boettcher Scholarship selection process is a difficult and competitive one but also an incredibly rewarding experience. Take the time to understand what the Boettcher Foundation is looking for during the selection process.

The Virtual College Admission Interview

Did you know that you may be able to interview with a college admission officer without ever leaving home? More and more schools are now offering virtual interviews. This post provides tips to make sure your virtual interview is a successful one!

The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Campus Visit For Parents and Students

As you plan the general goals of your campus visits, plan the logistics, take the tour, listen to the information session, and investigate the campus surroundings, keep in mind these few tips for making the visit as productive, successful, and fun as possible. Parents: Don’t ask too many questions, either in the information session or […]