The Stress of College Admissions Means We Spend More Time With Our Kids. Good?

The Economix blog at the New York Times reports on a report (can you do that?) that concludes that the reason more and more college educated parents are spending so much time with their kids (when it would seem that it would be more rational for them to use their educations to make more money) […]

Is An Expensive Private College Education Worth the Money? There's No Telling!

An opinion piece by John F. Wasik published yesterday at argues that the high tuition cost of Harvard and other high-priced colleges isn’t worth the money.  Clearly, an elite, private education is a lot of money.  But the argument that it’s a waste of money is impossible to refute.  It’s equally futile to argue […]

Buy, Steal, or Cheat Your Way Into the Ivy League–Secrets Revealed!

Some folks are desperate.  And desperation is the mother of capitalistic invention. A new online company peddles “verified” student applications to Ivy League institutions. offers Ivy-aspirants the opportunity to put in a bit of data about themselves, then matches the student up to a set of applications to your preferred institution.  Allegedly, these “verified” […]

Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?

Is an Ivy League education worth it? Statistically, it might be–depending on what statistics we’re talking about, and how those numbers are used. A study by PayScale, described on the New York Times Economix Blog, indicates that graduates of some elite colleges make more than peers from other colleges. I spend a lot of time […]

College Fit: How Does the Shirt Look on Me?

Shopping For Colleges Is Like Shopping For Clothes: You Gotta Try Them On

Facing College Rejection

The New York Times Motherlode Blog carried a good commentary the other day about receiving rejection letters. This is  stressful time.  But it’s important never to take rejection personally. Often students are rejected primarily because they do not fit what the college is seeking. Thus all the more reason to take great care in choosing […]

U Penn: Large Class Sizes and Inaccessibility of Profs

I find that some parents are stuck on reputation and prestige when they walk into my office and start talking about colleges.  I try to remind them that they are buying not only the reputation, but the educational experience for four years. I also try to talk to them about class size and accessibility of […]

How Competitive is College Admissions? Enough to Tempt Parents to Behave Badly

The Chicago Tribune ran a story on Monday about the lengths to which some parents will go to get their darlings into college.  The whole process of selecting and applying to college is certainly stresseful.  And there is no doubt that the competition is fierce. It’s also true that in some school communities, the competition […]

Answering Coach Questionnaires for NCAA Recruitment

Nancy Nitardy, a former Division 1 coach at Harvard, Dartmouth, and Indiana University, works with Great College Advice to ensure that athletes get the best educational and athletic experiences possible. She applies her experience as a coach to advise students how to get their attention and get recruited for their teams. She and I work […]

Columbia Joins the Bandwagon and Changes Financial Aid Policies

Columbia University announced today that it was joining its Ivy League sister institutions in revamping its financial aid policies to make the University more affordable for the middle class. Families with incomes of less than $60,000 will pay nothing. Families with incomes of less than $100,000 will see a significant increase in the amount of […]