Educational Consultant on the Philosophy Behind Jesuit Schools

You don’t need to be Christian — or religious at all — to attend a Jesuit school. Mark explains the expectations and requirements of these great colleges.

Loyola University of Maryland–A Dose of Jesuit Education

A Jesuit education cultivates the mind, body, and spirit. While administered by a Catholic order of priests, Jesuit universities are open and welcoming to all.

What is a Jesuit Education? Why Attend A Jesuit University?

One of the distinctive features of the American higher educational system is its infinite variety.  There is a college for everyone. One group of universities stands out in its dedication to the liberal arts and to the education of a person’s mind, body, and spirit.  The Jesuit universities share a mission to create well-founded individuals. […]

University of San Francisco: Jesuit, Urban, and Diverse

I visited the University of San Francisco last week.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, but the wind was brisk.  Despite the chill in late April, I was able to get a good introduction to the campus and is programs. 1.    First off, USF is an urban campus.  It is located in the heart of […]

University of San Francisco–an urban, Jesuit college in the Bay Area

I seem to have been visiting quite a few Jesuit colleges lately.  I tend to like them for a lot of reasons. I need to write a post on Jesuit colleges generally.  But first, I offer this bit about the University of San Francisco, which I was fortunate to be able to visit yesterday as […]