Summer: Not Just a Vacation

Wondering what to do this summer? Read this blog post for tips on summer planning and resources for finding summer programs.

The Story of Your College Application: Extracurricular Activities

Colleges aren’t only interested in your academic success; they also want to know how you’ve spent your time outside the classroom, or what extracurricular activities you’ve participated in. When considering what activities to pursue, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind.

Great Information on Careers in Engineering

I recently came across this gold mine of information on careers in engineering. It has lots of cool stuff, including job listings, engineering news, and career advice. Check out | The Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

What Is Value of a Major in Philosophy (or the Liberal Arts in General)?

I reviewed a question the other day on LinkedIn.  I thought I would share my response with you. Here’s the question: Is philosophy a good major?  Why?  Just wondering what you can get with a philosophy major or if it’s worth the time and money. And here is my response: Good question. I get this […]