Community Colleges Challenge Hierarchy With 4-Year Degrees

A recent article in the New York Times reports that many community colleges are morphing into four-year institutions offering Bachelor’s degrees. Part of this is about money. Part is about offering professional certifications and diplomas in vocational training (fire science, certain kinds of nursing, teaching, and the like). We are likely to continue to see […]

A Cubist’s View of US Community Colleges: Different Aspects Viewed Simultaneously

Two recent articles from education sections of two different publications paint different aspects of our community colleges. If we put the two together, we get an interesting sort of reality. Picasso would have loved this. We can develop a composite picture of a single entity by looking at it from different angles…and then reconstructing the […]

Failing Grades at Community College: Will They Kill Me?

Sometimes people write with personal questions, seeking advice for their particular situation. I received one today from a student at a community college who had a couple of failing grades.  Clearly, the student had finally woken up and figured out that getting Fs was not such a great idea.  But with that new understanding, what […]