College Planning for Juniors: Creating a Standardized Testing Plan

If you are a junior, what should you be thinking about regarding the college admissions process? Currently, you should be coming up with a standardized testing plan.

LD: To Disclose or Not to Disclose: That Is the Question

Every student diagnosed with a learning difference asks the same question. Should I or should I not disclose my learning disability on my college applications? The decision in definitely personal, so today we evaluate the pros and the cons.

Legal Considerations Part 1: Differences in the laws that govern K-12 schools and schools at the post-secondary level

One of the biggest issues facing students with learning challenges and their families is the difference in laws that govern schools that service K-12 versus schools at the post-secondary level.  Information in this two-part series is designed to help you better understand the transition from the laws and procedures in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act […]

Students with Learning Differences: Getting Started with the College Search

Some students yearn to “be like everyone else,” to not stand out.  They spend energy and effort in trying to make it without any special accommodations. Some students succeed, although typically at considerable cost in time and energy. Others simply fail.  Some students spend lots of time worrying if their grades are deserved or if […]

New Expertise in College Planning for Students with Learning Differences

For Immediate Release Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Heather Creech has joined the firm as a specialist in helping students with learning differences in their transition from high school to college. Ms. Creech has 17 years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and reporting language and learning problems in Colorado public schools.  As […]

Planning for College from the Eighth Grade

I get a lot of comments and questions about college couseling from my contact form on my website.  Many are about my services, some are requests for help on specific topics, and some are just words of thanks or encouragement. But sometimes I get questions that really impress me.  Yesterday, a young man in the […]