Finding Oneself in the Liberal Arts

An international student describes the difficulties of his complex origins, and the solace he found in a liberal arts major.

Can a Liberal Arts Education Pay Off Financially? Yes.

Is a liberal arts major or degree worth the price? A recent study says yes.

Why Choose a Liberal Arts College?

It’s a four-year investment, so you want to get the most out of your college experience. Liberal arts colleges cater to their students with a truly student-focused approach.

Liberal Arts College and Liberal Arts Education

While the liberal arts have declined in popularity in the past 50 years, part of this decline may be attributed to a misunderstanding of what a liberal education really is. Here are some definitions.

A Liberal Arts Education: The Greatest Thing Ever (An Unbiased Perspective)

Jake Bonnell, admission counselor at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, writes about his great experience getting a Liberal Arts education at Ohio Wesleyan University.

College Admissions Expert on Double Majors at Liberal Arts Schools

Mark lends his expertise to advice on taking double majors at liberal arts colleges: it’s best not to narrow your focus to the details of two separate majors, but to take one major and get the whole picture.

Thinking Of Applying To A Religious College? Here Are Three Questions You Might Want To Consider Asking

A recent visit to Westmont College inspired some thoughts about attending a religious college or university. Here are some questions to consider asking if you are looking at applying to a religiously affiliated college or university.

Liberal Arts + Music Conservatory = Lawrence University

Mark recently visited Lawrence University (in the dead of winter) and found it to be a very warm and inviting place–providing an outstanding education in the liberal arts and music.

Colgate University-Preparing Graduates for “The Real World”

Looking for a college that helps prepare its students for the “Real World”? Take a look at Colgate University.