College Admissions Counselor on Keeping Your Options Open

Mark advises that students keep their options open upon entering college.

Creating a Major

I often work with students who really have no idea what they want to major in when they enter college.  We will do career assessments, research different aspects of an academic department, but sometimes they just can’t narrow it down to one potential career or major.  There is so much pressure (from parents, teachers, society […]

International Applicants: What Will You Study?

How do you determine what you will study if you attend a college or university in the U.S.? Learn how students in the American higher education system pick a major and how your major will influence your future career path.

Majors and the Jobs of the Future

We have written several posts on choosing a major in college. While there is much debate about the relevance of a student’s major and their professional future, the downturn in the economy has many parents and students concerned about long term job prospects. Last month, The Wall Street Journal published an article called “Landing the […]