My Top Websites for Financial Aid Information

Need to understand the sometimes murky world of financial aid? Here’s an invaluable list of websites that can help you out!

When Choosing A School: Which Costs Less? Private vs. Public. In-State vs. Out-of-State.

The second in our series about mistakes people make when choosing a college. Don’t walk away from a school just because you think it might be too expensive.

How Much Merit Aid Will Your College Give You?

Curious how much merit aid the college of your choice is likely to give? Check out a new interactive listing of more than 600 colleges from Education Life, the higher education quarterly of the New York Times.

Financial Aid Primer: #4. Private Education vs. Public Education. Which Will Cost You More?

A private college education doesn’t have to be beyond the reach of most students, even if they are in need of significant financial aid. Read more to learn why students in need of aid should consider both public and private institutions.

Financial Aid Primer: #2. Financial Aid Acronyms and Terms

FAFSA. PROFILE. COA. What does it all mean??? Read further for some help in understanding the language of financial aid.

Financial Aid Primer: #1. Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay for College?

Everything you always wanted to know about financial aid but didn’t know to ask! The first installment.

Ithaca College: A Large Private College with Small College Perks

If you’re looking for a medium sized private college with small college perks, consider Ithaca in upstate New York.