Moody’s Bond Ratings for Higher Education and the US News Rankings

Colleges and universities would not be great investments, generally speaking. Moody’s Investor Service has a negative outlook for the sector. A college admissions expert explains what this means.

Public Colleges and Universities Gorge on Debt–What Will Be the Impact?

Total borrowing at public colleges and universities has increased 31% in the past four years–faster than the rise in tuition revenues. Is this sustainable? The mortgage industry collapsed. Could there be a similar crisis in higher education?

Falling Stock Markets and College Budgets: Mergers & Bankruptcies on the Horizon?

Forbes posted an article on October 22, foretelling hard times in the country’s higher education industry.  With falling stockmarkets, declining endowments, and some colleges having loaded up with debt in the past decade or so, the article predicts that some colleges may be swallowed up by financially stronger competitors, or will at the very least […]