Who to Blame for the Applications Arms Race? The Colleges (and US News)!

Colleges are getting more applications than ever before. Why? Because the colleges want you to think that they are more desirable than they really are. Most families are buying into the myth. But you should not!

Hate the SAT and ACT? Me Too, But Colleges Still Love These Tests

Perhaps the most vexing aspect of college admissions in the United States today is the use and abuse of standardized tests.  While there is no solid research to support their pivotal role in determining who is accepted and who is rejected by the nation’s colleges and universities, the fact is that they are a competitive […]

International Recruiting for Colleges and Universities–A Double Standard?

There’s an interesting conversation taking place about the role of agents in recruiting international students. In the US, it is against the law for colleges and universities to pay commissions or finders fees to consultants or sales reps to “steer” applicants toward particular colleges or universities. It is not illegal, however, to pay the same […]

Baylor Pays Students to Retake the SAT–Proving That Rankings Drive Policy

Just a couple of weeks ago, the National Council for College Admissions Counseling issued a report calling on colleges to reduce the importance of standardized scores in the admissions process. But as long as public rankings of colleges and universities, such as those issue by US News & World Report, it’s unlikely that colleges will […]

National Counseling Association Considers Value of SAT & ACT

The National Association for College Admissions Counseling is releasing a report this week to coincide with its national convention that questions the importance of standardized testing in the college admissions process. For the first time, NACAC takes the stance that standardized testing may not, actually, be essential in evaluating candidates for admission, and encourages colleges […]

Changes in How US News Calculates Rankings

US News & World Report’s infamous rankings system may include new sorts of data, according to an article today in Inside Higher Ed. They may add survey data collected from 1600 high school counselors, who are being asked to rate colleges on a scale of 1 to 5.  This data may–or may not–be used in […]