College of Wooster – Changing Lives

The College of Wooster is a fantastic liberal arts college in a small town in Ohio. It’s a place that trains scholars–even students who are not scholars in high school. Wooster still requires a culminating research experience at the end of the four year Bachelors degree as a way to bring together everything one has learned.

Visiting a college is a good way to get a measure of the friendliness of a campus. Wooster gave me personalized attention when I arrived–even at 4:15 on a Friday afternoon in August.

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College Catalog – A Student’s Bible

Students often overlook the Bible. And I’m not talking about Scripture. I’m talking about the college catalog. You gotta get a copy!

Ohio State University – Size Does Matter

On the campus one of the largest universities in the US, Mark discusses the pros and cons of attending a large university.

Kenyon College–Liberal Arts and Journalism (Without the Journalism)

Should a student interested in a career in journalism pursue a Bachelors degree in journalism? Or pursue the liberal arts. Mark advocates the latter.

What’s A Party School? Greek Life, Drinking, Making Good Choices

Every college in America is a “party school.” What’s important is to learn how to make good choices, and to keep your focus on your education.

Large vs. Small Colleges–Which Size Is Best For Me?

Which is better for you, large or small? To answer this question, think of going to a sumptuous buffet. How much can you eat? What delectable food will you start with?

When Looking at Colleges-Ask About their First Year Experience Program

Does the college you are considering attending help new students in their transition from high school to college? Learn about the types of first year programs being offered on different college campuses.