Public Colleges and the Economic Crisis

An interactive map published by US News and World Report can help families determine which states are headed towards budget cuts. The map could also help students determine which schools may want to increase their enrollment of out-of-state students.

Out-of-State Public Universities–A Good Idea?

Today’s issue of Inside Higher Ed has an article about public universities eager to boost revenues–and head count–by recruiting out-of-state students. Many public universities are facing deep budget cuts, and some are hoping to make up their revenue shortfalls by recruiting out-of-state students.   The article expresses many doubts that this will be a good strategy […]

Ten College Planning Tips For Tough Economic Times

I’ve received a number of questions from readers, clients, and friends about how to navigate the college admissions and financial aid process in tough economic times.  By far the biggest worry on everyone’s mind is finding the resources to pay for college. In some ways we have a perfect storm a-brewing.  As personal savings and […]

College Shopping Tips: When Out-of-State is Cheaper than In-State Tuition

The financial downturn has high school seniors and their parents running scared.  How can we reduce costs?  How can we get the best deal? The conventional wisdom says that an in-state college is the cheapest option.  As with most conventional wisdom, this assumption is wrong. Let’s compare costs for a Colorado student considering majoring in […]