Ohio Wesleyan University–Where Greek Life Dominates the Social Scene

Every school is a party school, in one way or another. Ohio Wesleyan has the reputation as a party school, but it has many fine attributes that one must consider–it’s not just for the frat boys and sorority girls.

Playboy's Top Party Schools (It's Only an Article)

Kids love ’em. Parents hate ’em. Playboy ranks ’em. If you want to read an article from Playboy Magazine, check out its rankings of party schools.  (Really…it’s only an article…I swear). Here’s the full list: 1. University of Miami 2. University of Texas-Austin 3. San Diego State University 4. University of Florida 5. University of […]

Party Schools: Choose a College or University by its Alcohol Policy

What’s the Number One Party School?  Most likely, it’s whatever college or university your student attends. Sometimes my clients (or rather, the parents of my clients) beseech me to find a school for their student that is not a “party school.”  However, with few exceptions, nearly every school is a party school.  Young people between […]