Choosing A College: Don’t Ignore The Cost

The prospect of college is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This is the first in a series of posts that will help you avoid some basic mistakes when choosing where to apply and attend. Read on to find out how the cost of college should be on your radar right from the beginning.

Is Cost of Tuition High? Stop Whining?

I wrote a guest commentary that appeared in the online edition of the Denver Post yesterday. It’s about the high cost of tuition, with special attention given to tuition prices in the state of Colorado. It’s clear from reading the comments that many readers misunderstood my central point: that the citizens of Colorado cannot have […]

Claremont-McKenna and Lafayette: Changes in Financial Aid

Two more colleges have readjusted their financial aid policies in the wake of Harvard’s decision to woo the middle classes by offering richer aid packages (which I wrote about here). The changes were reported in Inside Higher Ed: Two more colleges have joined the growing number pledging to eliminate loans for low-income students. Claremont McKenna […]