Lehigh University Plans Building Boom as St. Joseph’s College Closes

Lehigh University aims to grow, while St. Joseph’s College closes its doors.

Secondary Schools Where Students Have Received Great College Advice

Great College Advice guides students attending selective private and public high schools in college selection, college admission, and college applications.

Educational Consultant on Temple University: A Lively Atmosphere

Mark visits Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to showcase its energetic campus.

Haverford College – A Small College With A Big Student Voice

Haverford College is great choice for students looking to be surrounded by other academically motivated peers, who are looking to have a voice on campus, and think that honor and integrity is important both inside and outside the classroom

Swarthmore College – Take A Seat!

As you visit colleges take the time to observe where students gather together, where they are studying, hanging out, or meeting professors. It can give you a great sense of how students interact with one another on campus. The Adirondack style chairs on the Swarthmore campus are a perfect place to do just that.

Villanova University – Strong Community, Identity and Religious Foundation

Villanova University is a great choice for students looking for a campus with a strong community, identity, and religious foundation.

Check Out Bulletin Boards On Your Next Campus Visit

The bulletin boards you find at a college give great insight into what is happening on campus. Make sure you stop to take a look during your next college visit.

McDaniel–A High Quality, High Value Liberal Arts Education

Looking for an excellent liberal arts college that offers excellent quality at a relatively low price? Check out McDaniel College in Maryland.