Choosing the Best Major for the 21st Century and the Quest for Relevance

The New York Times ran a story on Sunday entitled Making College “Relevant.”  The thrust is that consumers of higher education (i.e., primarily parents, but also students) are demanding clear links between the education one purchases and the job one lands after graduation. In some ways this makes perfect sense:  a college education is a […]

Transferring Colleges, Studying Chinese

During a recent trip to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, I met a young man from Massachusetts who spoke beautiful Mandarin Chinese. I had lunch with him, and asked him about his educational trajectory.  He mentioned several tantalizing tidbits, including the fact that he had transfered from Boston University to the University of Massachusetts, that his major […]

What Is Value of a Major in Philosophy (or the Liberal Arts in General)?

I reviewed a question the other day on LinkedIn.  I thought I would share my response with you. Here’s the question: Is philosophy a good major?  Why?  Just wondering what you can get with a philosophy major or if it’s worth the time and money. And here is my response: Good question. I get this […]