Kenyon College–Liberal Arts and Journalism (Without the Journalism)

Should a student interested in a career in journalism pursue a Bachelors degree in journalism? Or pursue the liberal arts. Mark advocates the latter.

Liberal Arts Colleges–The Educational Advantages

During my recent visit to Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, I asked the director of admission, Mathew Cox, his views on the advantages of a liberal arts education. Here is his response. Mark Montgomery College Consultant Widgets Technorati Tags: college, liberal arts, admission, small, selection, choose, choice, decision, Millsaps, Jackson, Mississippi Tags: college, […]

Millsaps College–Distinctive Features and Admissions Priorities

I recently visited Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, to find out for myself why this small, liberal arts college is included in Loren Pope’s book, 40 Colleges That Change Lives.  I was able to spend some time talking to the director of admission, Mr. Mathew Cox. This short video highlights three distinctive features of Millsaps.  […]