More on the Biggest Party Schools

I recently wrote about Playboy Magazine’s rankings of the top 25 party schools in America. Today, Inside Higher Ed carries a very thoughtful piece about party school rankings, including those published by the Princeton Review. The fact is that these rankings are sometimes manipulated by students on campuses. For example, there is some indication that […]

Value Universities for the "Rest of Us"–A Difficult Claim To Maintain

Today a reader called me out on my decision to focus in a recent post on the Top 10 Value Colleges as identified by the Princeton Review (Kiplinger’s has a similar list, about which I also wrote about).   My reader made the point that public universities can be a better deal, and that the […]

Best Value Colleges from Princeton Review: Information You Can Lose

The Princeton Review has published its latest list of “best value” colleges.  This list sells nice glossy magazines, but provides precious little information to help consumers of higher education (i.e., high school juniors and seniors and their parents) figure out where they will bet the best educational deal.   Case in point:  the top 10 […]

Kaplan Test Prep: An Evaluation

I just finished reading Jeremy Miller’s article in the September issue of Harper’s. It’s entitled, “Tyranny of the Test:  One Year as a Kaplan coach in the public schools.” The focus of the article is Kaplan‘s corporate foray into the tutoring business, which has mushroomed since the implementation of No Child Left Behind, which requires […]

Student-to-Faculty Ratios: What Do These Statistics Mean?

The other day I received this question from a client: Hi, Mark. I’ve been reading college profiles, and nearly all of them cite student-to-faculty ratios, all of which fall in to a relatively narrow range of perhaps 12:1 to 20:1. How important is this statistic in choosing a college? My short answer: not very. The […]