Financial Aid Primer: #4. Private Education vs. Public Education. Which Will Cost You More?

A private college education doesn’t have to be beyond the reach of most students, even if they are in need of significant financial aid. Read more to learn why students in need of aid should consider both public and private institutions.

Most Students Attend the Type of College They Prefer–Despite Economy

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports this morning on a new study that finds that the overwhelming majority of students heading off to college this fall will be attending the sort of college they prefer. Of the nearly 40,000 respondents, 86% of those who said they preferred a public college will be attending a public […]

Applications to Public Colleges Surge, While Private Colleges Freeze Tuition

The New York Times has an article today about the surge in applications from bargain hunting applicants. Also today, Inside Higher Ed has posted an article about private colleges freezing, lowering, or at least drastically reducing¬† tuition increases in a bid to hang on to current students and attract new ones. The down economy is […]