Four Myths About the PSAT

Did you receive your PSAT scores? What do they mean? This blog post will debunk four common myths about the PSAT and you can learn how to take full advantage of the information provided with your score.

Are You a High School Junior? It’s Time For The PSAT!

The PSAT is a great jump start to your standardized testing preparation for the college admissions process. Not only does it give you the chance to practice for the SAT, it gives you access to scholarship searches, and college information.

College Board Announces a Pre-PSAT Test for 8th Graders

Time Magazine reported the other day that the College Board has developed a new pre-PSAT to administer to 8th graders.  The test, called “Readistep,” is supposed to provide an early measure of academic ability and readiness for college. This argument is a bit rich, given all the debate about whether the SAT itself measures predicts […]