Average Class Sizes at University of Rochester

I just watched a video that was referred to me by a friend on Facebook. I often ignore these links, but this one clearly had a college theme–and my friend thought it was hilarious.  So I clicked on it. It was hilarious.  And you should watch it for the entertainment value. But you should also […]

Chinese Say That Williams College Ranks Higher Than Harvard and Princeton

The Chinese are discovering liberal arts colleges…finally. Most Chinese have never heard of Williams, and have little idea about what the liberal arts are all about. But things are changing.

Truth Revealed: US News Rankings Mean Nothing–and Everything

Doug Lederer and the folks at Inside Higher Ed bring us a story today of Clemson University and how it manipulates data to help move itself up in the US News & World Report annual rankings. These ranking bug me.  As an educational consultant, I am constantly having to explain that these rankings are at […]