Educational Consultant on the Grad to Undergrad Ratio

Mark speaks about the ambiguity of the graduate/undergraduate ratio of a college’s student body.

Dealing With College Rejection Letters

Mark’s professional advice is feature on SafeBee in an article regarding the sting of college rejection letters.

Rejected at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton & Yale? Happy April!

April is the month of rejection from Ivy League universities. With college acceptance rates at all time low, it’s important to keep your focus on what’s really important in life.

‘The Most Selective Admission Process in the University’s History’ – Head Count – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Yesterday was the deadline for colleges and universities to deliver their acceptances and rejections to applicants across the land. Eric Hoover at the Chronicle of Higher Education posted a humorous look at the jubilant mood at the colleges and universities that become more and more selective every year. Have a look at his post, ‘The […]

Accepted or Rejected? The Envelope Please….

Today is April 1st, the day by which colleges and universities across the land must tell their applicants of their decision:  accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. I was interviewed by the other day regarding my opinion about how students should handle the prospect of being rejected to their first choice school. You can read what […]

Colleges and Universities React to the Economic Crisis: Gnash Teeth, Wring Hands…and Repeat

In a pair of pieces appearing this past weekend in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, two journalists illustrate that this admissions season perhaps will be the wackiest ever. Not only are students sweating over whether they will be accepted or rejected, colleges are facing the same anxieties: will enough students say […]

Facing College Rejection

The New York Times Motherlode Blog carried a good commentary the other day about receiving rejection letters. This is  stressful time.  But it’s important never to take rejection personally. Often students are rejected primarily because they do not fit what the college is seeking. Thus all the more reason to take great care in choosing […]

Eight Tips For Handling Rejection in College Admission recently did a series of articles on the aftermath of the college admissions season, and looked at how kids are handling rejection. I was featured as one of their experts in providing tips on how to handle rejection. Check it out; scroll through the slides. This little slide show was an accompaniment to a […]