5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Residence Hall

Now that you’ve chosen your college, it is time to choose your residence hall. Make sure to think about these five things.

M.I.T. Considers Increase in Student Body by 300–and Swears It's Not About Revenue

During rough economic times, it’s hard to get at the reasons college make policy changes. According to Jacques Steinberg in today’s New York Times, M.I.T. is considering an increase in the size of its student body. On its face, this is simply a move to return the campus to the size it was back in […]

New BU Residence Hall Promises Big Views and a Big Price Tag

In my post yesterday I advised students and parents not to stress out too much if you don’t get the bed by the window when you move into your new dorm room. ¬†Well, if you live in the new residence hall at Boston University, you may want to get there extra early to make sure […]