College Planning For Juniors: Standardized Testing Preparation

How do you prepare for the SAT or the ACT? This blog post will offer resources for standardized testing preparation.

College Planning for Juniors: Creating a Standardized Testing Plan

If you are a junior, what should you be thinking about regarding the college admissions process? Currently, you should be coming up with a standardized testing plan.

Educational Consultants Can Add Value to College Admissions Process, says Newsweek

Newsweek offers 6 new realities in college admission. #6? Consider hiring an educational consultant: 25% of top students already do.

September ACT Registration Deadline

The deadline to register for the September 11, 2010 ACT is this Friday, August 6th.  September is the ideal time to take the ACT since there is no SAT offered.  This will allow you to focus on taking just one exam. My previous post, “SAT vs ACT:  What is the Real Difference?” can help you […]