Which Is More Important–Grades or Extracurricular Activities?

Colleges value extracurricular activities in the admissions process. But they value good grades even more.

Do My Test Scores Matter?

SAT. ACT. SAT2.  TOEFL.  PSAT.  PLAN. These tests loom large in the college admissions process.  And no other aspect of the process generates as many questions—and anxieties—as the standardized tests. On the one hand, you should not tress too much about your scores.  They are only one element of the entire application, and other elements […]

Roadmap to College Admission–Burlington High School

Mark will present a talk on college admission, scholarships, financial aid, and college applications to students and families of Burlington High school in the Boston area.

Are You A Talented Colorado High School Student? Learn About the Boettcher Scholarship

Read more to learn why you should consider the Boettcher Scholarship if you are a talented Colorado high school senior.

The Value of Participating in an Honors Program

Did you apply for an honors program? Are you trying to decide if it is worth participating? Read more to learn about the benefits of joining an honors program.

You’ve Applied Early to College, Now What?

When students apply early admission to a college, it can be tempting to wait until December 15th before working on other college essays…

Private University at Public School Price–Financial Aid for Smart Students

If you do well in school, you will be rewarded. Seton Hall has announced deep discounts for top students. You can now attend a private university at a public school price.

Need Based Financial Aid and College Admission

Good students whose families possess modest financial means may receive surprisingly good scholarship awards at top-flight colleges. And the better the student, the better the awards.

Need-Based Scholarships and Financial Aid Explained

Need-based financial aid is an important tool for colleges to attract excellent students of diverse backgrounds to their campuses. This video explains how need-based aid works.