$cholarship $cams — You Have Been Warned

It’s that time of year again, when students and parents are being solicited by all sorts of organizations who promise to find you a scholarship. Before you lunge at that offer that seems to be good to be true, make sure you check out the Federal Trade Commission’s $cholarship $cams website. Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant

Class Rank, Weighted and Unweighted GPA, and the "Education Race"

[ad id=12335] It’s time to declare a moratorium on class ranking. One of my most popular post is on the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA, and the phenomenon of class rank.  I get scads of comment on that post, and on other similar ones. Today I received one from a distraught parents whose daughter […]

Carnival of College Admission–Chinese New Year Edition

Welcome to Montgomery Educational Consulting.  We provide full-service counseling to Chinese students who seek to study in the United States. We help you identify the best American university for you, and then we guide you through the entire application and admission process. We are not paid a commission by the universities you choose.  Instead, we […]

Advice for Completing FAFSA Form for Financial Aid

One of the most daunting tasks in the college admission and financial aid process is completion of the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  A colleague forwarded this link to a great video that explains what the FAFSA is and how to complete it in five entertaining minutes.  Have a look. Okay, it […]

Early Decision Applications Up–Despite Economic Downturn

Yesterday Scott Jaschik of Inside Higher Ed reported in a lengthy (but characteristically thorough) article that despite the economic downturn, the number of early decision applications to many expensive, private colleges is up this year over last. Mr. Jaschik offers the following possible explanations: 1.  Colleges are better communicating that college fit matters, so students […]

College Shopping Tips: When Out-of-State is Cheaper than In-State Tuition

The financial downturn has high school seniors and their parents running scared.  How can we reduce costs?  How can we get the best deal? The conventional wisdom says that an in-state college is the cheapest option.  As with most conventional wisdom, this assumption is wrong. Let’s compare costs for a Colorado student considering majoring in […]

Financial Aid, Admissions, and "Need Blind" Policies

Clients have asked me repeatedly to explain the relationship between the financial aid and admissions offices, and to help them to understand how financial need is factored into admissions decisions.  Usually these questions revolve around whether a college is “need blind” or “need aware.”  So in this post, I’ll try to shed some light on […]