Economic Considerations Remove Blindfold from Need Blind Admissions

A few days ago I wrote a post providing some of my predictions about how the credit crunch will affect college admissions.  The New York Times ran a story yesterday about how both rich and poor colleges are reacting to the economic downturn. There are two points from this article I want to emphasize. First, […]

Paying for College in a Credit Crunch

Lisa Belkin, a writer and blogger for the New York Times, has a couple of posts on her blog yesterday about the general angst and real effects on families’ decisions about college. For those who have graduating seniors who have seen their savings dry up, it has been a sobering–even depressing–few weeks. I recommend Amy’s […]

More Volleyball at Colorado Crossroads

This weekend I’ll be back at the Denver Convention Center dispensing Great College Advice to volleyball players and their families participating in the Colorado Crossroads national qualifier volleyball tournament. It’s great fun talking to families about obtaining sports scholarships, the differences between NCAA Division 1 and NCAA Division 3 (see my post here), and how […]