When To Talk to Kids About Student Debt

When should you talk to your kids about student debt? As soon as possible. Don’t wait until they are about to graduate. Some debt is good. Some debt amounts to an anvil around a young person’s neck.

Educational Consultant on Bates 5 of 5: A Unique Scheduling Program

Mark talks about Bates College’s 4-4-1 scheduling program.

Educational Consultant on Bates 4 of 5: An Outdoorsman’s College

Mark talks about the outdoor opportunities offered by attending Bates College.

Educational Consultant on Bates 3 of 5: A Welcoming Community

Marks goes to the campus of Bates College to talk about its long-standing ethos of diversity and tolerance.

Bad Grades Can Still Get You Into College–At a Price

Students with bad grades, low GPA, and low SAT and ACT test scores can still get into college. But can they graduate? Can they get financial aid? Mark responds to an inquiry from a student who wants it “honest and straight.”

Denver College Admission Expert Quoted in Money Magazine

Denver College Consultant Mark Montgomery is quoted in Money Magazine about the nightmare of getting into your dream college, only to discover you cannot afford it.

Grades and GPA Don’t Necessarily Reflect Knowledge

Does your GPA reflect the knowledge you gained in a class? The answer, according to an article recently published by the Association of Middle Level Education, is probably not. Teachers rely on grade point averages for the sake of simplicity, not because these averages reflect mastery of material.

University of Colorado Boulder Offers New Scholarships for Colorado Residents

Are you a high-achieving Colorado resident? CU Boulder is offering new financial incentives for you to attend.

Simpson College – A Hidden Treasure in Iowa

During a recent visit to Iowa I had the chance to speak with Simpson College’s Assistant Director of Admissions. Learn more about this great small college!

Are You From Colorado? Don’t Forget to Activate Your COF!

Are you a Colorado resident planning to stay in Colorado for college? Make sure you activate your College Opportunity Fund!