Are You a High School Junior? It’s Time For The PSAT!

The PSAT is a great jump start to your standardized testing preparation for the college admissions process. Not only does it give you the chance to practice for the SAT, it gives you access to scholarship searches, and college information.

College Planning For Juniors: Standardized Testing Preparation

How do you prepare for the SAT or the ACT? This blog post will offer resources for standardized testing preparation.

New Admissions Test to Complement SAT, ACT, GRE

The education reporter at USA Today, Mary Beth Marklein, reported yesterday on her blog that ETS has developed a new test or tool for gathering more, better, and more consistent information about applicants to college and graduate school.  The idea is to assess more qualitative aspects of an applicant’s preparedness for academic study.  The focus […]

SAT, Score Choice, and the Business of Standardized Testing

Today’s edition of Inside Higher Ed presents an excellent analysis of the College Board’s new policy allowing students to select which of their SAT scores they’d like to submit to colleges. Ostensibly, this new policy is to alleviate the stress of taking the tests, and to give more power to students in the admissions process. […]