Do My Test Scores Matter?

Bottom line: while standardized tests are not the only factor in college admissions, they do matter a lot. The more selective the university, the more they matter.

Do My Test Scores Matter?

SAT. ACT. SAT2.  TOEFL.  PSAT.  PLAN. These tests loom large in the college admissions process.  And no other aspect of the process generates as many questions—and anxieties—as the standardized tests. On the one hand, you should not tress too much about your scores.  They are only one element of the entire application, and other elements […]

April 23 is Colorado ACT Day

Are you a junior at a public high school in Colorado? If so, you’ll be taking the ACT at your school on April 23. Read this blog post for more information.

Studying For Those Standardized Tests? You Might Want To Try Meditation.

Getting ready for a standardized tests? Maybe you should give meditation a try.

Back to School Already? Five Things For High School Seniors To Do When They Get There.

Summer has flown by and now it is time to get ready to go back to school. Check out these five “to-do” items for high school seniors to get your college admissions process, and year, off on the right track.

What Do I Need to Know About SAT Subject Tests?

Everything you always wanted to know about the SAT Subject Tests but didn’t know to ask!

Snow Day? Great! Work on Your College Applications

Were you lucky enough to have a snow day today? Don’t let it go to waste. Katherine offers tips for senior, junior and sophomores on how to make the most of your snow day.

University Application from U Tampa–Spelling AND Punctuation Mistakes in Essay Prompts

Colleges expect a lot from their applicants. Like proofreading. But someone forgot to proofread the application at University of Tampa. Spelling AND grammar mistakes. Oh my!

Even Colleges Can Use A Little SAT Vocabulary Help Every Now and Then

Everybody makes mistakes, even colleges and universities. Check out Clark University’s Common App vocabulary problem. But remember, to err is human, to forgive divine!