Forbes, Payscale, and Calculating the Value of a College Major

Mark’s looks at a recent article critiquing Payscale’s data on “return on investment” for America’s colleges and universities.

Student-to-Faculty Ratios: A Bogus Statistic You Should Ignore

Student-to-faculty ratios mislead. While they are oft-cited indicators of teaching quality, these ratios have no bearing on an individual student’s educational experience.

Applications to Harvard pass the 29,000 mark

The Yale Daily News reports that over 26,000 high school seniors applied for admission to Yale. Applications to Harvard have passed the 29,000 mark. So once again, each will accept less than 10% of their applicants. Harvard will probably accept between 7 and 8%. Not great odds. And yet, the odds have never been that […]

Quality of the Educational Experience: Questions to Ask Admissions Officers

A couple of my previous posts have focused on student-to-faculty ratios and class size averages as indicators of educational quality. By and large, my conclusion is that these statistics are not all that helpful in uncovering the quality of the educational experience for a prospective undergraduate. So what to do? How can we compare and […]