Test Optional Admissions and Diversity on Campus: What’s the Deal?

If a college goes test optional, will it increase diversity? Announcements from admissions indicate that it might. But announcements to diversify the applicant pool are not the same as changes to the complexion of the campus community. Let’s see what happens.

Summer Task for Seniors: Prepare Additional Materials

What additional materials can you prepare for your college application? This posts suggest some materials you can start collecting this summer in order to be prepared for your college applications this fall.

Profiles and Policies of Test Optional Schools

If you are exploring some test optional colleges, it is important to note that each school may have different policies or recommendations regarding their testing policy. This post will provide examples of different types of test optional policies.

Why Some Colleges Decide to Be Test Optional

Why would a college decide to be test optional? Are there additional considerations students need to think about when applying to a test optional school?

College Planning For Juniors: Test Optional Colleges

What do you do if you prepared for the SAT and ACT but your scores are still not as high as you wanted them to be? Look into test optional college. This post discuss the growing number of test optional colleges and their policies.